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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Paintings

A winter bird

A cardinal

A whale


This is a picture of an eagle I painted. I went to school one day and right before we went inside my friends and I saw an eagle in the sky. When I got home I painted an eagle and this is the result.

This is a Picture of the mural I did on my wall. I love tigers so I decided to paint this.

Mountian painting, Inspried by Bob Ross.

Mountian With waterfall.

A moose, Its one of my first paintings so it isnt very good.

Mountains and the ocean.

I painted this saw for someone I know. Its a silhouette of a moose with mountains in the background.

A painting I did for my little cousin's 3rd birthday :)

A few days before the 10th aniversary of 9/11, my teacher made my class do an essay on 9/11. I did the essay and I realized what everyone went through the day it happend. A lot of loved ones were lost. I  thought about that for a few days but on september 11, 2011 I did a tribute. I painted this picture and dedicated it to all those innocent people who lost their lives.

American and Canadian eagle

Dive for your dreams :)

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